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No one is really prepared for a catastrophic illness or injury that befalls one of our loved ones especially away from home.  Or the need to have them transported to a specialized facility or just to be closer to their family.

It could happen any time any where. But if the need should arise for a Medical Flight,  how can you make sure you choose the right company who will provide the best care, the best service and money saving options

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There is a possibility that you may be covered for a medical flight..  To learn more click

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Your service was great and it didn't cost me a penny!
Thanks so much for getting my insurance to pay for the flight.
Patient's physical and medical needs are evaluated for proper medical team choice.

Aircraft and financial options are available and insurance coverage is accepted.

Patient's loved one,  as well as pets can accompany the patient on the flight.

Our critical care nurses, respiratory therapist and pilots are committed to making each flight comfortable, safe and stress free. 

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